Our Energy Channel Systems can become blocked, causing illness, pain and dis-ease.

Now more than ever we are experiencing more and more blockages in our Chakras and Meridians. We need to reboot and realign our Energy Channel Systems (Chakras, Nadis and Meridians), just as you would “detox” or realign other parts of your body for a hard reset and fresh start.

We will be energetically supporting our body by cleansing and balancing our Chakras, realigning our Meridians and tuning our Nadis to not only create total body wellness, but to use our body’s Energy Channel System to become more vibrationally congruent with things in our universe such as finances, relationships, and more!

“Potty Problems” affect a lot of us in different ways – the most common are:

• Constipation / Diarrhea
• Overactive Bladder / Frequent Urination
• Incontinence / Leakage
• UTIs
• Others and combinations of the above
You don’t have to suffer from embarrassing Potty Problems anymore! If you feel you have to plan your life around being close to a toilet, join us for a free live interview on Happivize.

Complete Organ Reboot

Each day in 2021, Lynn will be providing the energetic support that your bodies have been craving! This year is about energetically fine tuning ALL of your organs and tissues (over 100!) for better overall health and wellness in your body.

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Take a Dive into Health®!

As a Medical Intuitive, Lynn Waldrop is known as “The Body Channel” and Lynn has worked with hundreds of thousands of clients in over 171 countries & has 30 years of energy work experience.

She energetically dives into the body of her client anywhere in the world AND the body shows her the disease and disharmony and how to change it! Her work includes not just the physical issues but the thoughts feelings and emotions, and even entity work!

Lynn empowers her clients to be BFFs with their body and create a more magnificent life!

Now Introducing: The Weight 3.0 Series!

Being Overweight Is Much More Than Just Overeating … and Weight Loss Is More Than Simply Diet and Exercise.

Lynn Has Crafted This New Ground-Breaking Series Merging Science and Energy to Meet YOUR Weight Loss Needs, Addressing the 4 Main Factors of Weight Gain:

  • Environmental Factors — all the chemicals in our food supply chain, water and soil that are Weight Loss Blockers.
  • Social Factors & stressors — Stressors such as Pandemic Pounds & family events/social gatherings all positioned around food and how we look!
  • Genetics — ancestral patterns in our DNA affecting how your hunger hormones operate every day!
  • TFEs (Thoughts, Feelings, And Emotions) — how we think shapes our world and body — How do you feel about your body? How much emotional baggage are you holding onto?

If You’re Ready to Welcome a Lighter, Healthier Life, Lynn’s Energetic Weight Release 3.0 Was Made for YOU!

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Complete Organ Reboot!

You know how when your computer or phone has issues and Tech Support tells you to Reboot the computer so it can come back up in the default settings?

Well, we are coming back to the default of HEALTHY! 

Each day in 2021, Lynn will be providing the energetic support that your bodies have been craving! This year is about energetically fine tuning your organs for better overall health and wellness in your body.

Along with a physical reset of each organ and tissue in the body, we will be clearing out years’ worth of stressors and TFE’s (Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions) or even Entities that have made a home in parts of the body.   We don’t realize that the discomfort and dis-ease they can create in our organs and tissues! 

Are you ready to reboot those organs and tissues?

Lynn's Clients ♥ Her!

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