COVID & Vaccine Clean-Out

Release Date – September 7th, 2021

Lynn has received many requests for energy work surrounding the Covid-19 Vaccines and Emerging Variants. She has thoughtfully collected data from the bodies over the past several months and continues to do so to create this NEW Covid Clean-out MP3. This MP3 is geared toward protecting from newer variants of Covid-19 as well as neutralize the harmful ingredients in the existing vaccines. Here is what it will target:

  • Harmful Vaccine Ingredient Clean-out
  • Clean out Vaccine Shedding From Others
  • Fear Program Clearings
  • Judgement Clearings
  • Upgraded Energies To Target COVID Variants
  • & More

*Lynn has been guided to use Numerology to assist with the release date and pricing. The release date for the COVID Cleanout MP3 will be Sept. 7th (numerologically 97) the number of Tolerance and Effects on Welfare and Humanity. Additionally, she has been guided to list this MP3 for $57 together the numbers stand for personal freedom and inner wisdom to make personal choices for you and your body.

**If you are a struggling Senior, on a Fixed Income, a Single Parent or have a Financial Hardship, please email us for a free copy. We at The Body Channel live our lives by Divine Guidance therefore we are offering this on the honor system to try to do our part as a civil service. This mp3 can be listened to over and over and shared via email with your friends, family, and co-workers and shared exponentially.

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