Learn About Entities - Beings Without A Body!

How to know if they are affecting you. How does one “get” entities?  Entities can just hang around, even joke around – sometimes they are committed to a piece of property or land, to people, to places. Are you drawing Entities to you?

This series will give you more clarity on types of the Entities on the planet; assist in clearing Curses, Hexes & Entities interfering in your life; and remove any implants or residue left in the body!

Ask Yourself...

If you answered YES to any of the above questions,
then the Entity Series is for you!

Modules Included in This Series:

  • Are you being affected?
  • Are all entities bad or malicious?
  • What if entities could contribute to you and your life?
  • What are some common entities that are around: Golem, Nature spirits, D’Jinn, Demons & Elementals
  • What other races are in our spaces? (Draconians, Reptilians…)
  • Are you a Walk-In?
  • Is your inner-child having tantrums and misbehaving in your world?
  • Do you have no memory of your childhood before a certain age?
  • Have you ever been regressed & couldn’t feel the feelings of a point of time in life?
  • Do you feel like appendages are not yours?
  • Do you feel like you have metal or foreign objects in your body?
  • Are you a Portal or do you have Portals on your property?
  • How can you tell if you have Implants, Devices or Portals?
  • Do you walk under a black cloud and just feel cursed?
  • How many spells have you put on others that are still in place?
  • Are any of these energies by name harmful?
  • Are you still practicing today and don’t even realize it?
  • Do you feel trapped in your OWN body?
  • Do you wake up in the morning feeling completely ‘hijacked’?
  • Do you often feel tired, restless & insecure?
  • Are you ready for a new possibility with entities & your body?
  • Be willing to acknowledge the sorcerer, sorceress or alchemist you have been!
  • Be willing to assume – assimilate this power into you again!
  • Be the energy of Master Creator!
  • Be the Power, Potency!

How to release the residue of Psychic attacks such as:

  • Italian curses
  • Evil eye
  • Indian curses
  • Family curses
  • Entity Technology Takeover

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Modules Included in This Series:

  • What kind of entities are there:

    • Humans without bodies
    • Beings from other planets, places, dimensions, times….
    • Nature Spirits
    • Golems
    • D’Jinn – genies
    • Demons are a whole different ball game – not to be controlled, not from this time/space/dimension, not up to good

    Are entities all bad?:

    • No just like are all humans with bodies bad?
    • If a person was mean and harsh with a body usually they come back the same way, if they were kind and nurturing with a body, usually they are that when they come back
    • Many entities will tell you what you want to hear to be able to stay or whatever their goal is, so you have to be aware and intuitive about what is real! Sometimes they will even present themselves looking one way but that is not real either.  For example I have had entities trying to pass themselves off as dead ancestors that the person trusted – and they weren’t!!   It’s not always malicious, but it is manipulative!!
    • Many people that “sense” entities assume they are bad –
      • I was sleeping and felt this heaviness and then saw this dark presence sitting on top of me – it was bad and trying to hurt me…NOT NECESSARILY
      • What if that was the only way you are willing to perceive entities (dark shadowy creatures)? What if pressure is the only other way they could get your attention?
      • They will do what they can to get your attention
    • How can I enlist their assistance to help me achieve my goals
      • Think of something you are trying to do, buy a house, hold a ring at a jeweler..people can sense when something doesn’t “belong” to them or are “taken”
      • You only want to enlist those that you REALLY intuit desire to assist in a generative way to your life – remember what I said before – many will tell you what you want to hear, not what’s real and true, so you have to be aware!
      • Many have a “core” group of being they work with, I am willing to call in from the ends of the universe whoever is best suited to assist as long as it is for my benefit and not detriment. To me this is a part of playing with all of the molecules!!  But be aware that your “core” group really have you best intentions in mind and you are not always going to them for answers – if they are making you more dependent on them, they do NOT have you best in mind!  You are the Master Creator of your Life – I say Wal-Mart is not the largest employer in the Universe, Lynn Waldrop is – because I am willing to employ all energies!!!  I don’t do it from the position of poor me I can’t create money or a relationship… I do it from the position of even though I can do anything does that mean I have to do everything myself???   I used to do EVERYTHING myself and let no one help me!!

    How do we know if our entities are malicious or not?

    • Be aware! Are you guys really willing to be aware of what people with bodies let alone those without bodies are willing to do??   Are you willing to know that your husband’s cheating, that you son is doing drugs, that your friend has a 2nd life, that that person at the office is sabotaging your work and undermining you with the boss even though you eat lunch with them daily?
    • If some entities must be called by name, how to find their names?
      • VERY FEW times I have had to know exactly what they are to release them
      • I don’t always have the name of the entity, but you can get the energy of them, what are they creating in your home or world, in your body, are they being of assistance or causing chaos or more? Sometimes I may have to go do a little bit of homework on the “type”

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Thank you for my 1/2 hr session this morning. My Body had focused primarily on your communicating with some entities and 'body parts' residing inside of me that was messing up my food digestion. No ill-will having been intended...the Draconians and Archons had messed with my food imprint before incarnating. I just wanted to share something that happened soon after our session. I was thinking about my auric field and why it had been so vulnerable. … I saw this energetic funnel go up from me. It weaved slightly but then made a distinct bend at the top off to the side a little. There I saw the group energies of the Draconians. The energetic funnel was shown to me as the collective unconscious of the suffering/negativity/low energies. Not only were the Draconians accessing Earth through this energy they were also adding to it. Because I had had the pattern (up until this morning!) of jumping into the mire of the collective in order to help people, my attachment to the collective field also made me open to the Draconians shenanigans. What was beautiful was that after I was shown all this this brightest of light and energy emanated throughout my body and flooded out the way. For your wonderful work, THANK YOU

Karen, Australia

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