October 26

Clear War Overtangles and Free Yourself from Cultural Manipulation with Dr. Judith Swack


An overtangle is a supernatural entity from the dark. It forms a network of negative energy so large that it contaminates large organizations and segments of society throughout history. I think of overtangles as various forms of cultural brainwashing or toxic belief systems.  An overtangle is a contamination of the collective psyche.

Overtangles send you harmful and illogical messages that you believe (and don’t even think about because the message saturates the culture and environment) that ultimately end up as the message, “give up, don’t bother.”

Overtangles all have the same job which is to STOP YOU 
from doing your soul mission and living a full life.

October 28

Dark Entities 101

In Astronomy Dark energy is the name given to an unexplained force that is pulling galaxies away from each other, against the pull of gravity, at an accelerated pace.

Energies from the Darkside do the same – they pull people, even entire races and cultures apart:

  • They isolate people and make them vulnerable to attack
  • They separate peoples by creating friction, anger and war
  • They find any chink in a person’s armor they can use to create the separation
  • They can attack finances, work, relationships, animals, possessions, and health!
  • But the most dangerous is they INFLUENCE thought – the ultimate Lobbyist – thru persuasion of whatever you are “needing” in your world – approval, friendship, feeling of fitting in, power, money

The question is Why?  For discussions of this in more detail – join us on the call!


November 2nd

Demonology 201

Did you know that there is text in many cultures that describes how King Solomon was able to build his Temple of Jerusalem by commanding Demons using a ring with the seal of God that was entrusted to him by the Archangel Michael?  The Church has made that mistake thinking they can control them and unleashed them upon humanity.

Demons are the Ultimate Deceivers, they can work through people to build your trust in someone or something, that will end up being false or even harmful to you

Did you know that Demons can run in groups called Pods or even bigger Networks?

Did you know that Demons can harass or attack humans so that you feel as though you have constant bad luck with finances, relationships… and more.

What is their goal or end game??  For discussions of this in more detail – join us on the call!

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October 27

Mercury Retrograde Live Call

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Trauma Resolution:
War Overtangles, A Story of Hidden Influence

A shared story.
You have been brainwashed, I have been brainwashed,
your clients have been brainwashed.

The Social Dilemma

Have you seen the Netflix movie, “The Social Dilemma”?

It highlights the problem of the hidden influence of social media.

Hidden influence is extremely damaging to each and every one of us because being unknown to a person at a conscious level, it affects the perception, experience reality, behavior and outcomes of the person without being noted. It is under the radar.


Unfortunately we are all subject to the brainwashing of hidden influences.

These influences are so insidious that their effect is extended to our interpretations and responses to even the influences we are aware of.

It is possible to get an up close and personal view of the structure of brainwashing and how it mimics war as we process the stimuli in our environment.

What You Can Do About It

HBLU INC. is offering a comprehensive clearing package which demonstrates to you exactly how to clear the War Overtangle, one of the most common overtangles contaminating
our collective consciousness, and eliminate a myriad of struggles across all areas of your life.


It is naïve to think that anyone is devoid of hidden influences which result in pain, confusion and various other negative symptoms which color their perception, experience, behavior and outcomes.

Your life, the lives of your friends and family and the lives of your clients are all subject to the hidden influence of War Overtangles.

You can’t change what you aren’t aware exists.

You can’t remedy the influence of War Overtangles without knowing how to unravel their insidious structure and operating modes.

The source of your own and your clients’ suffering must be identified and handled in order to end the cycle.

Admit it. You are not as happy and in charge of your experience of life as you would like to be.

Why not?

Do you know what is affecting you and your clients?

Do you know how to find, identify and handle the source the “War in your head”?

HBLU provides a methodology to find, understand and erase War Overtangles which are a major source of your own, as well as your clients’ suffering.

HBLU Overtangle training addresses this extremely insidious source of suffering.

It is time you achieve your own relief and be a reliable source of relief for others.

Don’t miss this free one hour live webinar!

$99 Package Includes:


Stop bullshitting yourself about being able to remedy the effects of these hidden influences you didn’t know existed before reading this course description.

Purchase the package and get the relief you deserve.



**Package will be ready after the Live Call on 10/26/2020**


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