About Lynn Waldrop

She has over 30 years of Energy Medicine Experience!

Medical Intuitive • Former Radio Host
World Wide Speaker • Teacher • Author

Lynn Waldrop energetically explores a wide range of health topics in her products and interviews. She is a very engaging and captivating speaker who inspires with her life experiences and strong passion for helping others improve their health. She handles complex situations in a simple and easy to understand way.

Over the past few years, Lynn has appeared on a large number of telesummits and radio shows as well as several publications. She holds international events and makes regular appearances on the most preeminent telesummits. As Creator of “The Body Channel LLC”, Lynn loves connecting with her Body Channel Community whether it be her vast following on Social Media or on her Live calls featured on TheBodyChannel.com.

What We Do At The Body Channel LLC.

When the standard Western Medical Model doesn’t fit your lifestyle or meet your needs, try a medical intuitive. Lynn can dive in and give you information from your body that Western Medicine may not be able to find.

*Has the Doctor been unable to find anything wrong with you?

*Have you been given a diagnosis with no cure, treatment plan or pain relief?

*Are you looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals and intrusive testing?

Lynn offers MP3s, Series, Books, International Events Private and Group Health Sessions to provide a holistic alternative for those who seek energy medicine to aid their health.

Lynn is also available for Telesummit Interviews, Radio Interviews, Magazine Interviews and Television Appearances.

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Listen to Lynn explain how The Body Channel was created and what it REALLY means to be a Medical Intuitive

Lynn Waldrop has 30 years of energy work experience and has clients in 171 different countries where her work has reached hundreds of thousands of listeners!

Just some of the topics Lynn has explored as a speaker and teacher

Your Audience Could Be Next!

Lynn Waldrop's Recent Telesummit Appearances

“Lynn Waldrop is such an amazing gift.” – Darius Barazandeh, Host of You Wealth Revolution       

“What I love is not only her results, but that she can be so effective with groups of people…” –  Aimee Serafini, Host of Global Summit, Love Myself, Love My Life     

Would you like to book Lynn on your Telesummit, TV Show or Radio?

What is Energy Medicine?

​The field of energy medicine involving putative energy fields is based on the fundamental premise that all physical objects (bodies) and psychological processes (thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes) are expressions of energy. Therefore, all bodies are believed to be infused with a “subtle” energy or life force. This life force is known by a variety of terms corresponding to different traditions

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Lynn empowers her clients to be BFFs with their body and create a more magnificent life. She has extensive Energy Medicine experience as a Medical Intuitive and her clients are enjoying pain free release from the issues that have plagued them for decades!

The reader can take a little from each of the contributors and craft the method of conscious creation that best works for them―with consistency, ease, and grace! This book came about as a co-creation between the speakers on the popular Realities of Creation tele-summit.

Would you like to book Lynn on your Telesummit, TV Show or Radio?

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