Monthly Membership Group Call Series: Retrain Your Brain!

365 Days of Downloads + 12 Monthly Calls to
Retrain Your Brain for Optimal Health

Each DAY in 2019, Lynn will be providing the energetic support that your bodies have been craving!

This year is about Retraining Your Brain for better communication with the rest of your body – the brain is an integral part that either sends out commands or receives responses.  We will work on things like Memory, Coordination, Money, Weight, Aging and even Orgasms!

Are You Ready to Jump on the Retrain YOUR Brain Train?   

The Remodeling Starts in January!

What is included?

  • A 60 minute Live Call of physical clearing work on that month’s designated topic
  • 365 days of energetic remote healing downloads sent directly to your body (instead of your inbox!)
  • You will receive a survey each month so that your input can help guide the energies of call
  • PLUS You can download and listen to the Recording Anytime! Anywhere! You don't have to be live on the Monthly Call. The energies are embedded in the mp3.
  • As a Monthly Subscriber you will receive DEEPER Discounts & FREE Upgrades on MP3s & MORE!
  • Your subscription starts from the month you purchase until you contact us & cancel

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Gift Your Friends & Family!

What if you could not only Retrain Your Brain over the next year, but your friends and family as well?

In another FIRST, you have the option to add up to 3 friends or family members to receive the 365 Days of Downloads for only $19/month per additional person. For only 63 cents a day, your loved ones can have their brain retrained too!

All we need is their name & location and they will be added to Lynn’s list for the daily transmissions. You will also have the opportunity to add input on their behalf in each month’s input survey so that Lynn can stay in the know on what is going on in your world and in theirs.

EVERY DAY in 2019 Lynn will tune into the group’s bodies and see what energies related to that month’s topics the bodies are asking for that day and she will automatically get to work on the group! There is no email to wait for, nothing to download and everyone in the group gets the energies, there are no more tiers and levels to purchase. Every morning at 8 am EST Lynn will be working on YOUR body! Imagine what changes you and your body can have with a daily healing session!!

2019 Monthly Call Topics

(in no particular order)

  • How the Amygdala drives Sexual Desire
  • Sex Hormones
  • The Brain Orgasms Connection
  • Motivation, Emotions and Physiology
  • Blocks in YOUR relationships
  • TFEs
  • Short-term and Long-Term Memory
  • Focus and Concentration
  • The Shrinking Brain
  • The Aging Brain and its Effects on the Body
  • Protein Build Up
  • TFEs
  • Compulsive Spending
  • How Your Brain Reacts to Money
  • The Brain’s Reward System
  • The Emotional Affects of Money
  • TFEs
  • The Amygdala’s Anxiety Control Center
  • Chemical Imbalances in the Brain
  • Effects of Chronic Stress on the Brain
  • The Gut Brain Connection
  • Fight or Flight – The HPA Axis
  • TFEs
  • The Brain is Made of Cholesterol
  • Neuroinflammation
  • The Brain’s Energy Source is Glucose
  • Abnormal Brain Lipid Metabolism
  • TFEs
  • The Grief Emotional Control Center
  • Your Brain Searches for Meaning in Grief and Tries to Instill Appropriate Self Control
  • Involuntary Body Responses to Grief
  • Other Physical Effects of Grief
  • TFEs
  • Opening to greater consciousness
  • What if it is more than just the pineal gland?
  • Vibrational Congruency
  • Brain Waves & Hearing
  • The Inner Ear & Auditory Nerve
  • Hearing & Cognitive Difficulties
  • TFEs
  • *Submit the bad habits that YOU would like the clear*
  • Breaking the Triggers
  • Where do you store your habits?
  • Neural Signaling
  • TFE
  • Releasing the Trauma Storehouses
  • Regeneration & Rewiring the Brain After Trauma
  • Oxygen & Blood Flow & Calming The Body
  • TFEs
  • A Brain Detox – infections and parasites that make its way thru
  • The Brain’s Lymphatic Drainage System
  • The BBB Dysfunction and Neurodegeneration
  • TFEs
  • The Brain’s Coordination Center
  • The Myelin Sheath Conduction
  • Gross vs. Fine Motor Skills
  • TFEs

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