Tuning Fork Certification Program

Level II - Rebooting the Endocrine System,
Human Organs, & Meridian System

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The Target of This Class:

  • To build on the understanding of the basics of energy and re-booting the Nervous System

  • Endocrine System

    The endocrine system is the system of glands, each of which secretes different types of hormones directly into the bloodstream to maintain homeostasis.

  • Rebooting the Endocrine System

    is a top-down system and many times clients will come with thyroid, pancreas or ovarian problems and the problem does not stem from that particular gland/organ but from the hypothalamus, pineal or pituitary upstream!

  • Rebooting the Human Organs

    Each organ has a specific frequency when healthy. When it is not healthy the frequency will change and oscillate. Using the Human Organ forks you can “remind” the organ what its healthy frequency is and entrain it to that vibration.

Tuning Fork Certification Program - Level 2

$ 250
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  • Rebooting the Meridian System

    There are 2 energy centers at the shoulders and 2 center about 6 inches below the armpit in the ribs that when activated connect with/thru ALL the meridians of the body, thus powering all meridians up at the same time!!

  • Polarity

    If the energy runs down the back instead of down the front of the body and around or the opposite direction across the chest, then client’s polarity has been reversed in that area.

Included in This Course

Forks for this class include the Endocrine System Set which are an ADDITIONAL $125 and if desired, the Human Organ Set at an additional $355. The Human Organ forks can be purchased individually and purchasing any of the forks is OPTIONAL and can also be purchased in the future

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