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While Lynn is currently working with the energies to develop an MP3 for the current strains of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the Flu, we wanted to place some preventative options on sale to strengthen your Immune System amid the chaos surrounding these viruses.  These Immune and Respiratory strengthening energies are Lynn’s most recommended to prepare your body for prevention.   Some of the sale selections are great for this upcoming allergy season as well!


  • Immune Series
  • Respiratory Series
  • Immune System mp3 from ReBuild Your Body Monthly Series
  • Respiratory System mp3 from ReBuild Your Body Monthly Series
  • Deadly Defense mp3
  • Virus MP3 from Fatigue Series (this MP3 does mention a standard corona virus strain)


Lynn has been talking to the virus and it is ready to mutate to one more strain and she has been waiting for this mutation before recording an MP3 that addresses COVID-19 specifically.  We expect this MP3 to be available on Tuesday afternoon. 

Immune System Series

$197.00 $98.50

Respiratory Series

$97.00 $48.50

Single MP3's

Immune System MP3

$97.00 $57.00
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Respiratory System MP3

$97.00 $48.50
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Deadly Defense MP3

$50.00 $30.00
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Virus Detox MP3

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