Ask yourself this question – How often do you use your upper body in day-to-day tasks?

Next, ask yourself this question – How often do you use your lower body in day-to-day tasks?

The answer is ALL OF THE TIME!

Taking good care of your upper and lower body is pivotal to healthy living. Your upper and lower body also contain some of the most injury prone body parts. This is more than just your arms and legs..

The Upper Body Includes

The Lower Body Includes

Each extremity is made up of muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons, bones and nerves, all which are essential for performing basic, daily tasks like walking, cooking, brushing your teeth and driving a car.

Muscle tension is a direct reaction to stress/anxiety, traumas, injury, surgery and infection and can cause both short term and long term discomfort. The Neck, Shoulders, & Hips are the most common places where stress is stored in the body.

This series from The Body Channel provides energetic support for all of your Upper and Lower Body!

Young woman from behind touching stretching sore neck muscles during workout at home

Are you ready to transform your upper and lower body from uncomfortable, painful and stiff to flexible, youthful and pain-free?!

Lynn provides remedial and preventive energetic support for recurrent issues in the upper and lower body such as:

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Here are more topics that are covered in this series:

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