Tuning Fork Certification Program

Level I - Rebooting the Nervous System
& Energetic Body Scan

All classes are available as an Online Video Class! Just purchase class, watch and learn! Don’t want to order forks now? No problem!  Once you purchase class you will have unlimited access to your virtual class. Have questions and need answers after class? Learn how Tuning Forks can change your life!

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The Target of This Class:

  • Basics of Energy

    To give a person the understanding of the basics of energy and to use this understanding to initiate a client’s body to heal itself through the use of sound and in this case, tuning forks

  • Scanning the Body

    We all have the capacity to be Medical Intuitives, again it is just a skill that some have pursued more than others. One way of accomplishing this is by scanning the body

  • The Tuning Fork Timeline

    As far back as 583 BC, when the Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, made a device called the monochord and set the pitch to 256Hz. The Egyptians and Greeks used the monochord to make intricate mathematical calculations

  • Science of Tuning Forks

    There has been much research but the most prominent is Dr. Thompson of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research in California who has proven that if a person’s Nervous System is rebooted, then all the other body systems will come back online as well.

Tuning Fork Certification Program - Level 1

$ 250
  • TheBodyChannel.com Exclusive Price!

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  • Where to Tonate Your Tuning Fork

    Having a knowing of basic human anatomy, even though the fork does not have to be on the specific organ for that organ to receive the healing vibration from the fork.

  • Rebooting the Nervous System

    This simple process has changed everything from a tilted pelvis, hearing and eyesight loss, insomnia, mental fogginess, no or reduced back and neck pain, a gain in movement of head and extremities, correction of Bowling Ball Syndrome, and much MORE. Rebooting the Nervous System opens the cerebrospinal pump and resets the nitric oxide pump in the cells which allows the body to generate all kinds of healing and relief.

Included in This Course

$250 Includes the manual and unlimited access to the videos.

The tuning forks for this class include the Nervous System Set which are an ADDITIONAL $150. They are not included with the purchase of this course.

Purchasing ANY of the forks is OPTIONAL and can also be purchased in the future.  


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